In the world of wYnd, there are many different kinds of specialty ammunition that can be used for a variety of applications. 

Regular AmmunitionEdit


Different types of ammunition

Regular ammunition includes the standard ammunition used in that type of weapon. Ammunition is not interchangeable between weapons (unless they are of the same type). For example, shotgun shells cannot be used in rifles, and vice-versa. Bolt action ammunition cannot go into semi-automatic rifles, neither can light pistol ammunition go into heavy pistols or revolvers. Regular ammunition do the standard damage listed in the tables.

Cost of ammunition is listed on the gear page

Incendiary AmmunitionEdit

Incendiary ammunition has a 4+ chance of setting an enemy on fire. If an enemy is set on fire, they take 1 damage per turn without any form of armour soak until the fire is extinguished or if they pass a 4+ extinguish save. They also cannot attack. 

Inc-Ammo costs $30 a bullet.

Ion AmmunitionEdit

Ion ammunition has a +2 damage bonus against robots, mechanical and electronic beings.

Ion-Ammo costs $40 a bullet

Tracer AmmunitionEdit

Tracer ammunition provides a +2 to hit the target (i.e reduce the DL by 2)

Tracer Ammo costs $5 a bullet

Smart AmmunitionEdit

Smart ammunition uses state of the art computer guidance systems linked to a targeting interface. To use smart ammunition, the character must have a targeting HUD worn.

Smart ammunition provides a +4 to hit the target (i.e reduce the DL by 4)

Smart-Ammo costs $100 a bullet

Slug shellsEdit

Slug shells are used by shotguns, and increase the range band from Close to Medium. They also provide a +1 to hit the target.

Slug shells cost $10 a shell