Players create a 'player character' that they roleplay throughout the game. This page details a method of which to create a character.

Primary AttributesEdit

Characters have the following 3 primary attributes:

  • Strength, a measure of the character's physical performance
  • Agility, covering a measure of the characters skill and direct precision
  • Intelligence, is the measure of the knowledge and analytical capabilities of the character

Players start with distributing 10 points across the three attributes, with a maximum rating of six in any attribute (for character creation). Players must invest at least one point into each attribute. However, perks, other technology, drugs and levelling up allow characters to raise their attributes.

Secondary AttributesEdit

Characters also have other derived statistics.

  • Health Points (HP): This is equal to Strength + 6
  • Defense Rating: an average of Agility and Strength + 5
  • Initiative: an average of strength and agility
  • Fate: Lowest attribute + 2


Characters also receive 4 points to invest in skills. SKills are ranked as Basic (+2), Advanced (+4), Master (+6) or Peerless (+8). Peerless is only achievable through the peerless Perk. Without ranks in training, the character still gets to add their derived attribute on the skill roll.

See: Skills

Final StepsEdit

Characters then choose three perks from the perks list

See: Perks

They also receive (1d6+Highest Attribute)x$100 to spend on gear, weapons, consumables, vehicles and so on. Armour points must also be calculated (This absorbs the amount of damage indicated from individual attacks)

See: Gear

Now it is time to begin the adventure!