Perks, unlike Skills, affect the base or secondary attributes of the character, as well as fundamentally affecting gameplay.

  • Accurate: In combat, can use a turn to increase their next combat roll to be +2
  • Ace Pilot: Automatically gains the Vehicle (Airships) and Vehicle (Planes) skills
  • Body of Steel: Your Armour is increased by 2
  • Danger Sense: If you are about to be attacked or hamed, you may take an Intellect roll of DL7 to receive a warning of danger. This warning also gives +2 initiative.
  • Devilish Charm: You receive a 3+ to rolls using 
  • Lucky Devil: You may reroll a failed roll and use the better of the two rolls once per scene or combat without spending a fate point.
  • Peerless: Allows skills to be upgraded to Peerless (+8)