Skills are essential to roleplaying, as they define what skills your character can and cannot do.

Strength Related SkillsEdit

  • Melee Combat: Use of close quarter combat weapons
  • Unarmed Combat: Personal fighting like kicks and weapons
  • Survival (Must be specified): Allows for scavenging within the specified biome
  • Athletics: Actions like climbing, lifting, running and swimming

Agility Related SkillsEdit

  • Throwing: Use of throwing weapons such as grenades and knives
  • Ranged Combat: Use of personal ranged weapons such as pistols, rifles, SMG's
  • Stealth: Ability to evade and go unnoticed
  • Awareness: Skill to assess details in the surroundings or situation
  • Vehicle (Must be specified): Advanced operations and maneuvers of vehicles

Intelligence Related SkillsEdit

  • Medicine: Using medicine to diagnose as well as treat characters
  • Herbology: The identification of plants as well as the use of them in a variety of applications
  • Security: Study of locks and security systems
  • Electronics: Study of electronic subsystems, computers and so on
  • Repair: Using the appropriate tools, the ability to repair and fix broken equipment
  • Technology: The study of technology and computers
  • Knowledge (Must be specified): Several of these skills may be known; for example, Knowledge (Business), Knowledge (Cooking) and so on.