Topographic map earth

A topographical map of the world

The world of wYnd is geographically, from a distance, exactly the same as our world today. However, even though geographically it is the same, the environment is far from it. The setting of wYnd is a diverse, brutal and harsh land. Borne out of the geopolitical events from the 22rd century, it has become a barren wasteland of scavengers, raiders and warring factions. Settlements are far and few between, with only a handful of adventurers venturing into the wastes. 


Topographically, the world of wYnd is almost exactly the same as our world today. However, catastrophic cataclysms during the 22rd century had eventually led to the breakdown of many natural habitats. Gone are the days where threatened forests roam the land. In their stead, sandy deserts streak across the equator and the tropics, while icy brutal tundra mocks the northern lands.

Almost 80% of the world's water has been contaminated, with water being a precious commodity in many communities. Sea levels have risen rapidly due to global warming, with unpredictable seasons, torrential weather and destroying natural phenomena.